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These are presentations or panels at national or international conferences.


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September 2005
‘NOMA Revisited: the Case against a False Synthesis of Science and Religion’ Conference: ‘Ways of Knowing: Reuniting the Sacred and Science,’ University of Winchester
June 2005
  ‘Cutting “God” Down to Size’, Women and the Divine Conference, Liverpool Hope University College
November 2004
  ‘Varieties of Spiritual Impulse’ - UfSF Round Table, Hawkwood College
November 2004
  ‘Spiritual Identity and The Varieties of Spiritual Impulse’ - Spiritual Identities Conference, Lancaster University
July 2004
  ‘Fundamentalism vs. the Varieties of Spiritual Impulse’ - SMN Annual Gathering, St John’s College, Durham
July 2004
  Workshop on Spiritual Archetypes - ICOS (International Conference on Organisational Spirituality), Roehampton Institute
May 2004
  ‘The New Age, the Postsecular, and Critical Scholarship’ - ASANAS (Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies) conference, University of Wolverhampton (audio recording available at www.asanas.org.uk/2004_programme.htm)
September 2003
  BPS Transpersonal Psychology Section Seventh Annual Conference, Scarborough, UK
August 2003
  Kunstig Liv (Artificial Life), Art Symposium, Stavanger, Norway
June 2003
  Scientific and Medical Network Annual Conference, Aberystwyth, UK
October 2002
  Creativity and Cognition 4, Loughborough University, UK > paper
July 2002
  Research into Practice II, University of Hertfordshire, UK > paper
April 2002
  Eurographics UK, De Montfort University, UK > paper
October 1999
  Creativity and Cognition III, Loughborough University, UK > paper
August 1999
  Invencao, Sao Paulo, Brazil > paper
April 1999
  Computers in Art and Design Education (CADE'99) Teeside University, UK > paper
August 1998
  Consciousness Reframed II conference Newport, UK > paper
July 1998
  Scientific and Medical Network Annual Conference, Warwick, UK
September 1996
  Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands > paper
July 1996
  First Split Screen Conference, Chicester Institute of Higher Education, UK > paper
April 1996
  "Tucson II" conference Towards a Science of Consciousness University of Arizona, USA > paper
September 1995
  Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art, Montreal, Canada > paper
August 1995
  Eurographics '95, Maastricht, Netherlands > paper
April 1995
  Digital Creativity conference, Brighton University, UK > paper
October 1988
  First International Symposium on Electronic Art, Utrecht, Netherlands
June 1988
  Computer Graphics London conference, Blenheim Online, UK > paper
May 1988
  New Trends in Computer Graphics, Geneva, Switzerland > paper
June 1987
  Computers in Art, Design and Animation, Royal College of Art, London, UK > paper