Virtual Visions - the Physics and Metaphysics of Light and Space

Published in Eurographics UK, De Montfort University conference proceedings, Washington, Brussels, Tokyo: IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-1518-5


The computer has made a whole range of new visual art forms possible. This paper describes the thinking behind the Virtual Visions project, which pursues a relatively untrodden sub-form within the digital art genres 3D still imaging for digital print. It is also an argument for the inclusion of science as a theoretical framework from which to pursue art, as an alternative or addition to contemporary cultural and media theory. The paper introduces some of the philosophical and art-theoretical implications of an artform that is predicated on computer graphics technologies, showing how an artist who is also a graphics programmer can bring together such different intellectual disciplines. The paper ends with a request for the computer graphics community to collaborate on this project in which there are many interfacing and aesthetic innovations.


Digital Art, 3D Computer Graphics, light and space, physics, metaphysics, Digital Art Museum.

5,477 words

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