Computers and Modern Art: Digital Art Museum

Published in Candy, Linda and Edmonds, Ernest (Eds.), Creativity and Cognition 2002, Proceedings of the 4th Creativity and Cognition Conference, Loughborough University, New York: ACM Press 2002, ISBN 1-58113-465-7, p.88-94,

This paper focuses on the relationship between fine art movements in the 20th C and the pioneers of digital art from 1956 to 1986. The research is part of a project called Digital Art Museum, which is an electronic archive devoted to the history and practice of computer art, and is also active in curating exhibitions of the work. While computer art genres never became mainstream art movements, there are clear areas of common interest, even when these are separated by some decades.

Computer art, digital art, fine art, Modernism, art movements, Cubism, Constructivism, Digital Art Museum.

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