Meetings are held within the London Metropolitan University and also in North London. Please email for further details.

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Postsecular Studies Discussion Group

"Seven Postsecular Contexts"

7 Monthly Meetings: June - December 2003

2nd Tuesday of the Month

This regular discussion group is a follow-up to the lecture "Towards a Postsecular Society" given by Dr Mike King to the Scientific and Medical Network (London Group) on 13th May.

Mike King will lead the discussion groups with a short introduction to the topic of the evening. The aim is to examine how the postsecular emerges across a range of disciplines, and whether the sum total suggests a movement towards a postsecular society.

10th June: The New Physics
8th July: Consciousness Studies
12th August: Transpersonal Psychology
9th September: Postmodernism
14th October: The Arts
11th November: Ecology and Nature Mysticism
9th December: The New Age and new religious movements

A suggested reading list will be sent out ahead of each meeting, as well as a short text drawn from leading thinkers in each field, which will be the focus for discussion.

Please email for details.