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The purpose of postsecular studies is to bring both breadth and rigour to the re-opening of spiritual questions. By supporting Doctoral Studies in this field, the Centre for Postsecular Studies allows for a contribution to knowledge that combines a new openness to the spiritual with intellectual rigour.

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Proposals are invited for research at MPhil and PhD level that are broadly postsecular in tone. These may be from any of the contexts previously mentioned: science, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, phenomenology and deconstruction, theology, art, and Nature. Alternatively postsecular perspectives may be applied to almost any field, such as history, philosophy, language, ethnography and economics.

Research students enrol at London Metropolitan University and study under the University framework for MPhil and PhD awards. They are affiliated to the Centre for Postsecular Studies. The Centre is responsible for providing a supervisory team, of either 2 or 3 supervisors, depending on how interdisciplinary the research topic is. Supervisors are drawn from both within the University and from relevant fields of expertise nationally and internationally.