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Having studied mysticism for nearly 20 years, both through reading and through practise, I wanted to put my understanding on a more formal footing. To be more precise, I wanted to know how scholars approached the subject of mysticism, and was delighted to find just the course to help me understand this: the MA Studies in Mysticism and Religious Experience at the University of Kent at Canterbury. I spent two fruitful years from 1994 to 1996 attending the part-time course in Canterbury, meeting many new friends of mysticism amongst the staff and students. I am particularly indebted to Dr Peter Moore, Dr Leon Schlamm, Dr Joseph Milne and Dr Roger Cardinal from the teaching team. The essays included in this section are all unpublished coursework for the MA and reflect my own opinions, not necessarily those of the staff at Canterbury.

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> Do existing methodologies encourage religious experience as a form of spiritual materialism? | 3,900 words
> Can Studies in Mysticism Inform the Contemporary Debate on Consciousness? | 3,800 words
> Nietzsche, Steiner, and Jung: attitudes to the One | 13,900 words
> Reincarnation, The Collective Unconscious, and Individuation | 3,900 words
> Nature Mysticism | 17,400 words
> Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Science | 18,300 words
> Was Socrates a Mystic? | 23,800 words