The Role of Transpersonal Psychology in a Postsecular Society

Published in BPS Transpersonal Psychology Review, Vol 8 No. 1 pages 6-22, ISBN 1366-6991

The idea of the ‘postsecular’ is introduced as potentially the defining characteristic of developed societies in the third millennium. Using the idea of a spiritual typology that emphasises the plurality of individual spiritual impulse, we see how tensions between these impulses have played out in the historical evolution of Western religion and its subsequent rejection by secular society. Democratic freedoms have since allowed the spiritual to re-emerge in a range of secular contexts, suggesting a renewal of the spiritual life in an emerging postsecular society. The transpersonal is playing a key role in this. Some issues in the transpersonal are looked at from a postsecular perspective, including the relationship between the shamanic and the transcendent, and between the devotional and non-devotional spiritual impulse.

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