Mike King small group talks

I regularly give talks on a wide range of topics to small groups, either in University settings, symposiums, or for organisations like the Scientific and Medical Network, Suffolk Interfaith Resource, and the Cambridge Jungian Circle.


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January 2013
  'The Via Positiva', SMN London
September 2012
  Introduction to Mysticism, Suffolk Interfaith Resource
May 2012
  'The Dolphin Paradigm', London Interfaith Centre
January-April 2012
  Four talks on Postsecularism, Suffolk Interfaith Resource
December 2011
  'Kuhn's Paradigm Shifted', Westminster University
September 2011
  Interview with Ben Fordham on Sydney Radio re 9/11
July 2011
  Dialogue with Andrew Cohen, The EnlightenNext UK Midsummer Renaissance Festival
December 2010
  New Year’s Eve trialogue with Andrew Cohen and Gary Lachman
October 2010
  Discussion on 9/11, Melbourne radio station MTR 1377, host Luke Grant
October 2010
  'What is Quakernomics', Friends Meeting House, Ipswich
September 2010
  'Postsecularism and Interfaith', London Interfaith Centre, Queens Park, London
September 2009
  'Postsecularism', webcast / interview at EnlightenNext, Islington, London
September 2009
  'Postsecularism', Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith, London
July 2009
  'Postsecularism: The Hidden Challenge to Extremism', SMN, Denning Hall, London
June 2009
  'Secularism', Leiston High School, Leiston, Suffolk
April-June 2009
  Series of Tuesday Evening talks and discussion on The Gospel of Thomas, Friends Meeting House, Ipswich
March 2009
  Bhakti and Jnani in Western Religion’, The Tagore Centre UK, London
March 2009
  'Celebrating Spiritual Difference', Friends Meeting House, Ipswich
June 2008
  ‘The Spirituality of the Enlightenment and its Origins in the Spirituality of the Renaissance’, Fintry Trust (The Shrine of Wisdom), Godalming
May 2008
  ‘Secularism: The Hidden Origins of Disbelief’, The University Women's Club, London
April 2008
  ‘Non-duality and the Productions of Time’ Study Society AGM, Colet House, London
March 2008
  ‘Secularism: The Hidden Origins of Disbelief’, SMN, Guildford
January 2008
  ‘Art and the Postsecular’, Northampton University
January 2008
  ‘Secularism: The Hidden Origins of Disbelief’, SMN, Denning Hall, London
November 2007
  ‘Psychology, Secularism and Spirituality’, The Dimensions Course, SMN, London
September 2007
  ‘Spiritual Difference on Film’, lecture to students at Regent’s Park College, London
June 2007
  ‘Spiritual Difference on Film’ SMN / University of Wales, Newport
May 2007
  ‘The Spirit of the Enlightenment’, Study Society, Colet House, London
April 2007
  ‘British Class System on Film’, lecture to students at Boston University, London
November 2006
  ‘Passage to India’ lecture to students at Notre Dame Catholic College, London
September 2006
  ‘Nine Postsecular Contexts’ The Dimensions Course, SMN, London
March 2006
  ‘Spirit of Mountains’ video presentation, SMN Mystics and Scientists, Winchester
February 2006
  ‘Spiritual Difference after the Death of Atheism,’ - Cambridge Jungian Circle
October 2005
  ‘Celebrating Spiritual Difference,’ School of Insight and Intuition, London
June 2005
  ‘Khun’s Paradigm Shifted,’ Scientific and Medical Network, London Branch
January 2005
  ‘Ferrer contra Wilber on the Perennial Philosophy’ SMN SIG on Aspects of Spiritual Traditions
December 2004
  ‘Articulating Spiritual Difference: Krishnamurti and Steiner’ – Theosophical Society, London
July 2004
  Workshop on Spiritual Archetypes - ICOS (International Conference on Organisational Spirituality), Roehampton Institute
June 2004
  Workshop: ‘The Varieties of Spiritual Impulse’ - Scientific and Medical Network, London Branch
May 2004
  ‘Shamanism, Transcendence and Western Culture’ - Scientific and Medical Network SIG on Aspects of Spiritual Traditions, London Branch
March 2004
  ‘Art and the Postsecular’ – University College Northampton
December 2004
  Workshop: ‘The Spiritual Archetypes’ - Cambridge Jungian Circle
December 2003
  'Postsecular Psychology and its Debt to Jung' - Cambridge Jungian Circle
September 2003
  'Science and the Spiritual Wounds of the West' - Scientific and Medical Network Guildford Branch
June - Dec 2003
  Postsecular Studies Discussion Group, 7 meetings, Denning Hall, London
May 2003
  'Towards a Postsecular Society' - Scientific and Medical Network, London Branch
May 2003
  'In Defence of the Guru Principle' - University of Kent
March 2003
  'Jnani and the Lost Buddhas of the West' - Cambridge Jungian Circle

April 2002


'Digital Art Museum' - Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

April 2002


'Consciousness East and West' - Scientific and Medical Network London Branch

March 2002


'Digital Art Museum' - Tower Hamlets College

December 2001


'Spiritual Wounds of the West' - Noetics Institute London Branch

July 2001


'Science and the Lost Buddhas of the West' - Scientific and Medical Network London Branch

June 2001


'Art, Science and the Spiritual' - Crossovers, Whitechapel Art Gallery

June 2001


'Jnani' - Scientific and Medical Network Consciousness Group

June 2001


'The Life and Work of Peter King' - Museum of London
April 2001
  'Shamanism' - Noetics Institute London Branch
March 2001
  'Textiles and Computers' - Brighton University
November 2000
  'Virtual Visions' - Frankfurt Banking Technology Fair

June 2000


'Bhakti and Jnani in the Spiritual Life' - Noetics Institute London Branch

June 2000


'Nature Mysticism' - London Buddhist Centre

February 2000


'Reincarnation' - Noetics Institute London Branch

May 2000


'Heart and Mind in a Postsecular Society' - Vision Network, Cobot Centre

March 2000


'Virtual Visions' - Entory Corporate Headquarters, Frankfurt